History of Biometrics: From fingerprint to eye scan

Biometrics and the History of Identification

Body measurement and identification services

One solution to this problem was physical traits. They should clearly ensure recognition. Alphonse Bertillon, a French detective, developed anthropometry, one of the first biometric methods, in the 1880s. It consisted of measuring people. A total of eleven measurements were taken from height to ear length and noted on a card, which was then filed in a file.

Fingerprints and Manhunt Network

Rajyadhar Konai’s handprint. Source: Scroll.in

Biometrics between security and convenience

Today, the use of these technologies is shifting away from criminal police or intelligence services to applications that shape our everyday lives. Fingerprint is used to open doors or a retina scan allows for faster airport check-in provided the passport contains fingerprints and a biometric passport photo.

Databases and registries



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