How to start learning or strengthen your knowledge of Data Structures and Data Science? — A Quick Answer

Data structure is required by all sorts of people including guys who design and develop computer programs regarding any system or application software.

Data values are representation of each data that a program occupies.

The functionality of each program is dependent on the well structured and organized format of data values.

Structuring and organizing data is a fundamental aspect of developing a computer application [, eventually involving intense and excellent use of Data Structures and Algorithms].

Linear data structures — like arrays, lists, stacks and queues, and mathematical structure — like the graphs are well necessary and needed to learn and begin the process of programming, designing and development. We are fully aware that graphs find their use in many of our day to day applications as do lists and arrays.

It is recommended to guide yourself through each bit of detailed lesson on Data Structures including Primitive Data Structures [available in the form of online courses or lessons] to get full idea of this field.

In the same manner, Algorithm — the well defined, structured steps used to perform [a] desired task[s], can be studied and practiced.

Both, the study of data structures and algorithm, require application and performance of practical as well as theoretical computer science requisites.

In summary, you need to master or learn, carefully and charismatically, these following [you call these prerequisites, if you like]

  • Basics of your preferred languages-programming [and their corresponding libraries]
  • Visualization
  • Statistics
  • SQL Programming
  • Mathematics [esp. Linear Algebra and Calculus]

Below-mentioned three P’s are equally important, as always and for anything,

  • Proper study or enough knowledge
  • Practice and proper-planned hard work
  • Patience

To further strengthen, solidify and ace your learning and application,

  • Participate in tests, hackathons, programming battles, bootcamps, seminars, workshops
  • Do live programming and test your skills
  • Form portfolios and accounts on projects and repositories building sites especially on GitHub
  • Work on real-life problems and cases
  • Ask and answer yours and someone else’s queries regarding subject matters

Hope this helps and thanks a googol, as always!


1. Pandey, S. (2021, December 14). Data Structures In A Nutshell — Dev Genius. Medium.



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